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What Is An Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to view and produce images of internal organs in the body.

Ultrasound is:
Noninvasive:  which means it does not penetrate the skin or body openings, and 
Diagnostic: which means it is used to help detect or determine what disease or condition is present

The technical term for ultrasound imaging is sonography.

Specialized ultrasound imaging procedures include:

ultrasound used to view the action and function of the heart

Doppler Echocardiography:
using this technique allows the doctor to indirectly measure the flow velocity of blood as it passes through the heart, detecting certain heart conditions not clearly visible with the echocardiography

Ultrasound for Biopsy:
using ultrasound in conjunction with fine-needle biopsy (inserting a very thin and hollow needle into an organ to remove tissue or fluid for examination).