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Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic


Due to the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and state wide shelter in place government guidelines, we have implemented some new protocols to our practice to ensure we are keeping both you and our staff safe as we continue to provide care for your beloved pets. We will remain open during normal business hours and still be available for after hours emergencies. Our goal is to limit as much human interaction and exposure as possible so that we can continue to be a resource for you and your pets.

Upon your arrival to our clinic, please call us at 707-263-5380 to let us know you have arrived and please remain in your vehicle. We will discuss the following with you…

A technician will obtain your pet’s history over the phone or ask for your pet’s history out in your car, then we will bring your pet inside where the doctor with perform the physical exam or your pet will be prepped for his/her procedure.

If your pet is nervous and needs sedation beforehand, please let us know and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

Upon completion of the exam, the doctor will then call you with the findings and diagnostic/treatment plan if needed. If it is a scheduled drop-off, please give the doctor time to get to your pet and they will call you as soon as your pet has been seen.

Once your pet is ready to go home, the receptionist will then take payment over the phone via credit card if possible. However, if other means are necessary, please let us know. In some cases, a deposit will be needed beforehand, which will be discussed with you prior over the phone.
A technician will return your pet to you in your vehicle once he/she is ready to go home. Discharge instructions will be discussed at your vehicle or over the phone by either a technician or doctor.

Medication/Food Pick Up:
Please call (707-263-5380) ahead of time if your pet needs medication or prescription food refilled so our staff can ensure supplies will be ready upon your arrival. Payment is preferred via credit card over the phone, however if other means are necessary, please let us know.

Please call us upon your arrival to our clinic and a technician will then deliver your medication or food to your vehicle.

 Thank you for adapting with us as well as your patience during this time. We understand this is a different approach and may provide some inconvenience, but our hope is for everyone to remain healthy so we can continue to provide quality care to your pets throughout this time. As government guidelines continue to evolve daily, we will continue to update our protocols if needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us.