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Dr Mariah P Mountanos

​Dr. Mariah Mountanos grew up in Mendocino County and would often visit Lake County enjoying the beautiful lake and views in the summertime. She attended Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa for High School and earned her Bachelor of Science at Notre Dame de Namur University, and then headed to Oregon and graduated in 2018 from the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University. Her veterinary interests include dermatology, gastrointestinal diseases, and advancing her ultrasound skills. She has always had a special place in her heart for special needs animals in particular blind/deaf dogs and rescue animals.

As a young girl, Mariah always admired Dr. Cannon and Dr. Holmes as veterinarians and when the opportunity arose to be able to work under their mentorship and to be close to home, she could not be more excited. When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking and going to the beach with her blind and deaf Australian Shepherd, Skye, and photography. She also has three other rescue pets, two Staffordshire Terriers and a kitty, who are not as adventurous, but enjoys spending time at home with them as well. 



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In Memory of

Ralph H Lewis

Dr Susan A Cannon

A 1985 graduate of the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr Susan Cannon has owned the Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic since 1994. Dr Cannon is a general practitioner with a special interest in orthopedic surgery.  Her mentor, Dr Ralph H Lewis, developed the first successful canine total hip replacement system as well as canine total elbow and knee prosthesis's.  Dr Cannon has continued his work in total joint replacement, as well as bone plating and reconstructive orthopedic surgery.

Dr Cannon is a member of the Mendo-Lake Medical Association, the California Veterinary Medical Association, and is a council member for the Association for Veterinary Orthopedic Research and Education (AVORE). She has also served as the Chairperson for the Lake County Animal Control Advisory Board, A lifelong resident of Lake County, Dr Cannon spends her free time practicing natural horsemanship and riding on the many beautiful trails available to horse enthusiasts around the lake. Her "family" includes two dogs, five cats, two desert tortoises, and a fluctuating number of horses, several whom have been rescued from abuse situations.

The veterinarians at Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic also work with local injured wildlife. Treating and moving them to other wildlife facilities for further treatment and rehabilitation.

Dr Chris S Holmes

After growing up and graduating from high school in Santa Cruz, I headed to UC San Diego to get my Bachelors degree in Animal Physiology. After graduation, I went to UC Davis for Veterinary School. The day after graduation I married Lori, left on a honeymoon, came back and had to find a rental house in Lake County within a week of returning so that I could start working as a veterinarian in Lakeport. That was 1994, I have been here ever since. I should point out that I had never heard of Lake County before my job interview. It takes a while, but this place definitely grows on you.

I would like to say that my hobbies outside of work include soccer, surfing and wake boarding. But now that I'm over the hill I guess my hobbies include soccer coaching my sons' and daughter's teams and being the boat driver for my kids. Through the kids, as well as through work, we have met and become friends with many wonderful people. We are proud to call Lake County home.

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